{Review} Out and about with Baby Am in the Baby K’tan Carrier


Four months of maternity leave have flown by and I am due to return to work soon. The past four months have been great though - I've been spending time with the kids and have been out and about with Baby Am quite a bit. It may sound quite daunting to bring a baby out alone, but it is really very manageable with the right gear! One thing I cannot do without is a baby carrier, so I don't have to lug a stroller with me. It is also very useful when we are out with the two older kids. Practicality Continue Reading

Life with Three

Things have been a little quiet in here because I've been busy spending (and enjoying) my time with the three kiddos, picking up new skills and working on a personal project. I thought I should do a quick update though, and make a record of what's been happening before I forget (my memory has been failing me a lot these days). The first month after delivery was tough. Very tough. I thought it gets better with each kid but no it doesn't really happen that way. I spent the first few days after I Continue Reading

29 February 2016


Yesterday was 29th February, which occurs every 4 years. It's not that it is a day of particular significance to me or my family but everytime, on this date, I can't help but think about what I did on the previous leap year. It's kind of like the World Cup finals? Except that 29th February is always kind of tough because it is probably another ordinary day at school or at work.  As I sat at the breakfast table wondering what happened 4 years ago though, I recalled that I bought a bag, and Continue Reading

Thank you, 2015

 2015 has been a year of growth.  We celebrated Didi's first birthday in the early part of the year with a Dino theme party. First birthdays are a great deal because it means we have survived the first year, which in my view, is the most challenging period for the parents. It also signals the beginning of fun times, of learning to walk and run, of first words and learning to speak. Didi started childcare in September. It was not without tears and drama but he adapted rather quickly Continue Reading

Welcome, Baby Am


It's been a little quiet on the blog because things were crazily busy on the work front, Aly and Didi were extra demanding (and taking turns to fall ill) and I was trying to tie up loose ends and get ready for the arrival of Baby Am!  She was supposed to be a Christmas Eve baby but made an early appearance last week.      It was a bittersweet feeling as I cradled tiny little her in my arms, trying to take in every single second of it and hoping I will never forget how it Continue Reading

{Friday Flips} Little Green Peas – A Big Book of Colours


I chanced upon this book "Little Green Peas - A big book of Colours" by Keith Baker, in the library some months back and it appealed to me immediately. Well, I am not quite a fan of peas and neither are the kids but this book on peas is just too cute to pass!  It's really a book about Colours and erm... peas. I loved the pages of beautiful illustrations. I thought it was so cute that each pea had its own outfit, expression and engaged in a different role and/or activity. Continue Reading

{Friday Flips} Noisy Fire Engine

The moment I saw this book, I knew it was going to be a hit with Didi. He's at the age where he loves vehicles, all of them. Fire engines especially are his favourite. He's in awe of these shiny red and huge vehicles and gets super excited when we get to see one on the roads.    It's a huge board book consisting of 3 simple stories featuring Jack and Anna, 2 firefighters, who save the day by putting out fires and saving a pony!  What makes this book super unique though, is that Continue Reading

Thoughts on “How to Raise a Resilient Child” Workshop


   The past month has been a rather challenging one for the husband and myself. We have been facing some issues with our preschooler who has always been very strong-willed and sensitive. It's a vicious cycle - meltdowns, crying, screaming (from both kids and the parents), exhaustion (for both kids and parents), guilt (for the parents mostly). Put that on repeat mode daily and you can imagine how we look like and feel at the end of a long day. I don't think I have ever felt so Continue Reading

Little Creations – Princesses and Rainbows 

   Unfortunately, I've not been too diligent about uploading pictures of Aly's art pieces onto the blog since the category "Little Creations" was created to house her drawings. She's since drawn many many pictures and had different phases. There was a phase when trains featured a lot in her drawings, and then it was cars, and then it was lots of stick figures with three strands of hair each. Usually, it would be a family portrait or of herself and her friends.  This was a drawing Continue Reading

Our Festive Hotel Staycation – Day 1 {Plus Tips}


Ys and I thought it would be nice to go on a short getaway with the kids and after exploring our options, decided on a weekend staycation on one of the hotels on Sentosa Island, since it is only a short drive away.  We found quite a good promotion consisting of a 2 nights stay at Festive Hotel, and tickets to Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and Adventure Cove on booking.com, and thought it was perfect since the kids have not been to Universal Studios before and it's been some time since we Continue Reading

Didi Starts School

The time has come for didi to start full-day childcare. The husband and I were a little emotional about it. After all, time with #2 seems to have flown by without us even realizing it. We cannot quite believe that he is nearly 19 months and ready for school already! Yesterday was his first day, and notwithstanding that he had jiejie with him, he still went into a crying fit and was rather inconsolable. We were told that he cried till he fell asleep :( It doesn't get easier even though it's the Continue Reading

Playing Matchy Matchy 

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I have a confession to make. One of the frivolous things I looked forward to doing with Aly since she was born was to dress us up in matching outfits. I haven't gotten very far with this plan though. I mean, there are not that many matching outfits in the market to begin with, and when I finally manage to find clothes for us in matching designs, they are usually in cutesy prints. Yes, and I can't convince myself that I can pull off the look.  So imagine how excited I was when a good friend Continue Reading